As an artist my aim is to foster opportunities for people to understand and empathize with feminist ideologies. I aim to create experiential works that catalyze conversations, where the presentation of the experience is not specific to any one gender and participants can safely share their perspectives, however different. I have always tried to veer away from preaching experiences. I believe people learn best through experiencing situations themselves and because of this, I strive to make work that encompasses people and immerses them in new situations. My upcoming show, Touch Stop, is designed to foster empathy by engaging participants in an understanding of what it’s like to be “a woman in a man’s world”, and challenging beliefs that tolerate aggressive, coercive, objectifying and controlling behaviour. Touch Stop is a series of installed exhibitions comprised of a 100 hand-sculpted, glass phalluses intended to generate a more unified understanding of the lady experience. This show works to catalyze the #MeToo conversation, making safer communities through advocacy, education and empowerment.



Miss Gorski’s work is a step towards equality in the sense that it target’s men’s understanding of a womanly feeling: constant, abundant, unwanted sexual solicitation. I hope and believe this exhibition is the first in a long line of similar projects.
— France
Men are blind to sexism. I couldn’t realize the importance of Marta’s show until I saw it. In the verge of this important discussion about equality, the [Touch Stop] proves to be a powerful tool to help men feel the unknown pains and sensations women go through. It sparks an important debate towards gender equality
— Brazil
Marta’s work could act as a catalyst in educating the perverts of society, who hide their perverseness behind closed doors. Not only will it be an eye opener for men, but also, would help women to assert their inadaptability whether as a wife, lover or mere acquaintance. Women need to battle fiercer while meeting men on varied grounds and Marta’s work is certainly the right step in that direction.
— India
To sum up my experiences with these ideas in just a few sentences almost feels too challenging considering the broad range of thoughts and emotions that get stirred up. These works are challenging, on multiple levels. My initial reaction of discomfort around the objects forced me to confront my own masculinity, could it be as fragile as the fragile glass phalli? Likely! Considering the female perspective and commentary we’ve discussed on power structures and gender identity I am also forced into self reflection and the observation of my own behaviours. Have I made women feel this intimidated, uncomfortable, threatened before? Likely! But truthfully the most magnetic aspect of this work to me is that despite the heavy topics that I was confronted with, it was fun and funny. I was able to laugh with comfort within my discomfort, something I have rarely experienced.
— Canada
Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen the [Touch Stop], aka “the dick show” or “those glass dicks” taking shape and slowly understanding that more than captivating pieces the future assemble and potential exhibition is a fundamental piece of art for our times. It is visually engaging, even beautiful, yet bringing different layers of reflection and understanding.

Personally, I feel that’s the kind of art the world needs right now.
Interesting, Provoking, and capable of raising the right questions by literally pointing dicks at your face.
— -Brazil


Marta Gorski began using the human figure in her work early on. Inspired by landscapes in both nature and the body, she creates concept driven installations.

Her work has always been motivated by the balance of social sexuality and aims to explore the consequence of intimacy.

Gorski is Canadian-born currently living in Oakland, California. She has completed a Bachelor in Fine Art with a Focus in Glass, and a Master in Business Administration.




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